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What is self-care?

what is self-care?

In our busy lives, we often get caught up in work, relationships, and responsibilities, forgetting the most important person—ourselves. In the middle of all this chaos, it's crucial to stop, take a deep breath, and start a self-care journey.

But, you know, figuring out what self-care really means can be tricky. Is it a nice bath? A walk outside? Maybe meditation? Enjoying a morning cup of coffee? Well, it could be any of these, but there's more to it. I like to think about self-care through a lense of self- love using the 5 love languages.

Understanding Self- love

Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages" isn't confined to relationships—it's a versatile guide to understanding and expressing love across various aspects of our lives. What makes it truly intriguing is its dual role: not only does it illuminate our connections with others, but it also emerges as a potent compass for self-care.

Think of it as unlocking a personalized manual for effective self-nurturing. This journey isn't just about how we connect with others; it's an exploration of our unique ways of self-care. Picture this: just as individuals feel loved in diverse ways, they also recharge and care for themselves differently. Whether it's the solace of a good book, a stroll in nature, or the tranquility of meditation, self-care becomes deeply personal—about doing what genuinely feels good.

The Five Love Languages

  • Words of Affirmation - Think self-love

  • Acts of Service - Do self-love

  • Receiving Gifts - Absorb self-love

  • Quality Time - Be present with self-love

  • Physical Touch- Feel self-love

Here is an image that also nicely sums this up with more examples.

Once we grasp how we yearn to receive love, a beautiful shift occurs. It's like finding the golden key that unlocks a world of care tailored just for us.


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