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internal family systems for highly sensitive people

Gentle Strength Counselling

A place where life's challenges can be met with a beautiful combination of compassion and resilience through the comfort of virtual counselling. 

Highly Sensitive Person Counselling

Let me introduce myself

I support individuals who...

  • Feel overwhelmed by anxiety and don't know why. 

  • Are incredibly sensitive and struggle to navigate their feelings.

  • Struggle to set boundaries.

  • Experience a strong inner critic and perfectionism daily. 

  • Put their worth in the hands of others and struggle to not take things personally. 

  • Have hit a point of burnout and are feeling exhausted. 

  • Find themselves people pleasing often.

highly sensitive person

Together we can....

  • Understand the root of your anxiety

  • Work with your sensitivities and nervous system instead of against them

  • Gain clarity on why setting boundaries is a challenge, and then learn to set them

  • Achieve a deeper sense of self and self-esteem

  • Discover the root of your perfectionist and people pleasing behaviours

  • Begin putting your worth in your hands

  • Create a self care plan that is tailored for you

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