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Turning Detours into Destinations: What you can find when feeling lost

Updated: Jan 17

Feeling lost

Navigating the feeling of being lost can be a perplexing journey. When your job loses its spark, and questions about meaning linger in your thoughts, it's natural to seek answers. Answers that only you have and I'm not here to give you answers. My role is different. I'm here to assist you in making sense of your map and helping you navigate the twists and turns.

Back Up

When that feeling of being lost creeps in, it's like standing at a crossroads with a fuzzy map and not a clue in sight. But you know what? That's okay. It's a bit like hitting the pause button to catch your breath and take in the scenery. Feeling lost is just a nudge to step back and look around, like you're on a treasure hunt for your own direction. Instead of rushing forward in confusion, this moment is an invitation to reflect on where you've been and imagine where you want to go. It's not a retreat; think of it as a cozy pit stop to figure things out, like taking a sip of warm tea on a chilly day. You might find that in this pause, the fog clears, and you discover a path that feels just right for you—a journey of self-discovery mixed with a bit of adventure.

Listen In

In moments of feeling lost, there's a gentle whisper that often comes from within—the quiet wisdom of your gut. It's like a built-in compass, an internal guide nudging you in a certain direction. Listening to your gut during these times is akin to tuning in to an instinct that knows you better than anyone else. It's that subtle feeling, an intuition, urging you to pay attention to what truly resonates with your authentic self. While the outside world might offer advice, your gut harbours a unique understanding of your desires and aspirations. Trusting this internal compass can bring a sense of clarity amidst the uncertainty, helping you navigate the labyrinth of choices and find a path that aligns with your deepest instincts. It's a form of self-guidance, a gentle reminder that, even in moments of feeling adrift, you carry an inner compass that knows the way home.

Identify Resources

In the midst of feeling lost, it's crucial to turn your attention to the answers you already possess within. Start by acknowledging the truth, like recognising that you are not happy at your current job. This self-awareness is a powerful resource, a compass pointing towards the areas in your life that might need attention or change. Consider your strengths and skills, those hidden gems that have propelled you forward in the past. Reflect on your personal victories, no matter how small, as they carry the seeds of resilience. Feeling lost doesn't mean being devoid of answers; often, it's about tapping into your inner wisdom and trusting your instincts. Redirect your focus to what you know and the strengths you possess.

Embracing Opportunity

When the feeling of being stuck weighs heavy, remember that it's entirely okay not to have all the answers. Embracing opportunities doesn't necessitate having a detailed road map; sometimes, it's about navigating the unknown with a spirit of curiosity. Allow yourself the grace to be uncertain and recognise that growth often unfolds in the absence of a perfectly laid-out plan. It's in these moments of ambiguity that resilience and creativity thrive. Give yourself permission to explore without the pressure of having it all figured out, understanding that the journey itself is a profound teacher. By embracing opportunities and being comfortable with the ambiguity, you open the door to unexpected discoveries and personal growth, acknowledging that not having all the answers is an integral part of the transformative process.

This is easier said than done. I know that, you know that. But these steps can begin to support us in our journey to navigate the unknown and find comfort in the uncomfortable moments, leaving us feeling a little less lost.


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