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The Art of Virtual Counselling

Updated: Jan 17

Virtual Counselling

As we step into the realm of virtual counselling, the importance of crafting a nurturing and comfortable space cannot be overlooked. It's not just about having a video call; it's about establishing an environment where you can feel at ease discussing the matters closest to your heart. Here's a more extended and heartwarming guide to help you set up your sanctuary for successful virtual counselling.

Create a Comfortable Space

Begin by selecting a space where you can truly let your guard down. Think of it as choosing a cozy nook where you'd share your deepest thoughts with a trusted friend. This might mean using earbuds or headphones to create an immersive experience. Close the door to your room for added privacy, or if available, use a noise machine to create a serene backdrop for your session. Consider scheduling sessions when your living space is at its quietest, allowing you the tranquility to focus on yourself.

And oh, the magic of hands-free engagement! Prop up your phone or tablet so you can fully immerse yourself in the conversation without the distraction of holding up your device. It might seem like a small detail, but trust me, it can make a world of difference in helping you stay present and engaged.

Test Technical Setup

Let's talk tech – the conduit through which this supportive connection flows. Before you embark on your virtual journey, ensure that your microphone and camera have the green light to bring your presence into the digital space. A simple yet crucial step is granting permissions when prompted – a small pop-up that sets the stage for seamless communication. It's the digital equivalent of opening the door to your personal haven.

And while we're on the tech talk, don't forget to check your internet connection in advance. Smooth virtual sessions thrive on a stable internet connection. Charge your device beforehand or have it plugged in during the session, sparing you from the anxiety of a sudden power drop mid-conversation.

I truly hope these insights bring warmth and ease to your virtual counselling setup. If you have additional ideas or rituals that work wonders for you, I'm all ears! Your unique approach to creating a nurturing space might inspire others on this shared journey toward well-being.


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