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perfectionism counselling


perfectionism counselling

At it's core, perfectionism isn't inherently negative; it's a drive, pushing us towards excellence and personal growth. It's a reminder of our aspirations and standards, urging us to reach our full potential. Like a compass pointing us towards our goals, perfectionism motivates us to strive for improvement and to embrace challenges, fostering creativity and perseverance along the way.

However, there's a fine line between healthy ambition and debilitating perfectionism. When the pursuit of flawlessness becomes relentless—dominating our thoughts, stifling our creativity, and leading to burnout—its once-inspiring guidance transforms into an oppressive burden. In these moments, the weight of perfectionism dims the joy of achievements. Self-doubt clouds our confidence, and even simple accomplishments feel inadequate. Quality of life may suffer as the quest for perfection tightens its grip.

Even though perfectionism is natural parts of our human experience, it doesn't mean you have to navigate it alone. That's where I come in. Let me support you in understanding these patterns, finding healthier approaches, and moving forward with self-compassion and balance. You're not alone—let's embark on this journey together.

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • I often feel like no matter how hard I try, my efforts are never good enough, leaving me constantly dissatisfied with my work.

  • I hesitate to start new projects because I fear I won't be able to execute them flawlessly, which causes me to miss out on opportunities.

  • I find it hard to delegate tasks to others, convinced that they won't meet my high standards, resulting in me feeling overwhelmed.

  • I frequently compare myself to others, always finding myself lacking and feeling inferior despite my achievements.

  • I struggle to accept praise or compliments, believing that I could have done better and that my work is not truly deserving of recognition.

  • I experience intense self-criticism and negative self-talk, focusing on my perceived failures rather than my successes.

  • I find it challenging to relax and enjoy my accomplishments, always thinking about the next thing I need to perfect or improve.

  • I feel immense pressure to maintain an image of perfection, which strains my relationships and prevents me from being authentic.

  • I struggle with indecision, worried that I might make the wrong choice and not live up to my own or others' expectations.

  • I get frustrated and anxious when things don't go as planned, unable to adapt easily to changes or imperfections.

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