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relationships and couples


relationships and couples

It's common for relationships to encounter occasional challenges, given the different experiences and perspectives of the individuals involved. Disagreements and tensions can arise, especially during periods of change or stress. These moments of disagreement don't necessarily indicate a fundamental problem in the relationship. In fact, they can provide opportunities for growth and improved communication.

However, when communication becomes difficult or the connection has completely changed, it can feel uncomfortable and even unsafe to engage in conversations to mend things. The stuckness and defensiveness can sink in, making it hard to see a way out of these patterns. 


Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • I do not feel as close to my partner anymore

  • It feels like all we do is fight

  • I struggle to be open with my partner

  • I do not feel heard or seen in my relationship

  • The intimacy is gone or minimal compared to what it once was

  • I feel like I can't talk with my partner

  • I'm struggling to trust my partner again

Relationships and couples

Regardless of where you find yourself, I'll meet you there. 

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